Lead Vocals / Guitar

Darryl started performing in high school playing acoustic covers with his best friend on Main Street in Nantucket in the summers.  They played tunes by the Dead, Dylan and others.  A later love of Bluegrass brought him to the mandolin and a decade of covering the Americana greats.  His primary musical influences are the Dead, Phish, Allmans and other jam bands...though has a love for music of all genres.



Drums / Vocals

Adam’s rhythmic kicking in his mother’s womb brought his tempo giusto to the world before light ever graced his eyes.  A steady diet of Phish, Allman’s and Ozzy dialed him in for stick man in multiple bands and drum circles throughout the patchouli world.  After a short dry spell, Adam is back to gracing humanity with his rhythm in The Tide.  When not pounding his kit, Adam is hucking cliffs on his skis or gracing the finish line at a regatta.  Some days, he sells the lube that keeps the finance world grinding.



Keyboards / Vocal / Guitar

Matt astounded his parents when he began hammering out melodies off the radio on his toy glockenspiel at 3 years old.  His early days on Mickey Mouse Club put him alongside Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears.  Choosing his own authentic path, Matt went to Broadway where he put tears of joy and sorrow in the audience’s eyes.  His fine pallet led him to Sommelier school and on to providing fine wine for the rich and famous on Connecticut’s Gold Coast.  Matt truly puts the motion in the ocean…a little something some folks refer to as The Tide.



Bass / Vocals

Jay was an early musical prodigy having performed with acts ranging from Michael Jackson to Led Zeppelin before he hit puberty.  His teenage years took a harder turn with his frequent appearances at CBGB.  Recently tamed by his new bride, Jay is returning to his classic roots. When not luring moms with his siren songs at the local playground, Jay enjoys playing a myriad of instruments to adoring female crowds.  Occasionally, he does some investment banking.  “Everyone needs a hobby!”



Poet of Space & Sound

Gregg’s first encounter with the diode was connecting with Russian cover bands over H.A.M. Radio in the 1980’s.  The rest is well known history.  From his other-worldly presence at Muscle Shoals to his time behind Guns N’ Roses mixing board, Gregg has led a life delivering musical art to the people’s ears.  Settled down for a brief period while he guides his offspring, Gregg is gracing The Tide with his renowned audio engineering and lighting artistry. He is aptly known as “The Poet of Sound and Space”.